SHAC-B CNC Contour Cutting Machine

Main use
This machine is mainly used for cutting the block foam rubber into special shape or slice, and it can cut two-dimensional or three-dimensional soft PU or similar materials. Because of its special frame movement and worktable rotation, the machine is characteristic of high product efficiency, precise cutting, simple-operation, etc. The products are widely used in heat insulator, furniture industry, mattress industry, automotive industry, packaging industry and other industries.

Cutting size(mm)  3000×2000×1200
Motor power(kw)  8.9
Machine weight(kg)  2800
Machine external size(mm)  6500×3600×2200
Cutter parameter(mm) 2200×3×0.5
Machining precision(mm) ±0.5
Minimum cutting size(mm) 5
Minimum cutting radius(mm)    10
Servo system(r/min)  2200~2400
Maximum processing linear velocity(m/min)  0~4.3
Controlling  Motion control card
Monitor  LCD
CNC type CNC IPC Industrial PC
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