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Foaming Process: 
The machine is used to cut the foam into slices. The machine is composed of high-precision horizontal cutting machine, cutting machine and loop rack. It is equipped with automatic roll-feeding device, cutting device and folder-foam device. Loop foam cutting machine according to the characteristics of foam can form a ring, to seize this feature, to create a sponge machine to improve production efficiency, electrical control is a virtual control of the four physical axes, start and stop synchronization and speed synchronization closed-loop control, delivery Belt and cutting machine lift interpolation control principle, the sponge closed loop cutting (that is endless splitting foam)

Total power 50kw
Cutting density 6kg/m3-40kg/m3
Cutting precision 2-10mm:+/-0.2mm; 11-30mm: +/-0.2mm
Cutting speed 0-120m/min
Max. cutting size W: 2200mm, H: 1300mm, thickness:2-30mm
Main machine size L:28-55m, W:6.2m, H:8m
Cutting foam size L:49-100m, W:1-2.2m, H:1.3m
Winding foam size W:1000-2300mm, dia.:1800mm



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