Horizontal Continuous Foam Machine

Main Use:
Horizontal Continuous Foam Machine is mostly used for producing soft PU foam (density is about 8~80kg/ m3). It has many advantages, such as the high automation level, the low-cost production, the simple operation and so on. It is the most desirable equipment to manufacture products of foam rubber in furniture, shoes, bra, electronic product, clothes, and automobile industry.
Main data:

Foam width 1000-2200mm
Foam height 1300mm以下
Foam density 8-80kg/m3
Foam speed 0-6.8m/min
Mixing head power 30kw
Mixing head rotate speed 5500r/min
Total power 105kw
Heat power 20kw
Cooling capacity 10HP
Foam flow 80-350kg/min
Machine size 30000*4200*2850mm
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